Pa gen atik yo te jwenn.


Reel in the right gift with everything from lures and totes to polarized specs and frying pans.

Shopping for any kind of gift can be challenging, but—you may be relieved to hear—anglers sure do make it easy on you. Fishing is a sport that requires lots of gear, and most trawlers will be grateful for any additions to their ever-evolving kit.

Before you get started, here are some dos and don’ts when buying fishing gifts. Unless your giftee is a beginner, steer clear of giving core equipment like rods and reels. These are signature purchases for many anglers, and they will likely already be planning any necessary upgrades themselves. (Of course, the exception to this rule is if they’ve shamelessly hinted to you about what they want.)

If you’re familiar with your recipient’s preferred method of fishing and species of take, think about lures. These can be a great gift since they’re a recurring purchase with how frequently they need replacing. Plus, anglers are always game to try new lures and flies, hoping for the perfect one.

It’s best to keep it general if you’re not plugged-in on the nitty gritty details of your recipient’s fishing hobby. There are plenty of gift options outside of traditional items — tackle boxes, reels, and rods — including books on fishing, ocean-themed apparel, or kitchen supplies for making the most of the day’s catch. I included below some fish-themed gifts and novelty items, with options ranging from $12 to over $700.

Tight lines and happy shopping!

Find the detailed list, written by Justin Park here.


May 29, 2024

Ekri pa
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Pi bon pwodwi yo

Medya Mansyone soti nan pi bon pwodwi yo

Nan nou ap konsantre sou ede ou jwenn pi bon nan tout bagay nan lavi, paske, kite a dwe onèt ... ou merite li!

Nan, nou ap selebre pi bon nan tout lavi gen yo ofri! Nou kouvri pwodwi yo ak eksperyans ki pral afekte lavi ou nan pi bon fason posib. Kite li nan editè nou yo di ou sa ou bezwen, ki jan li ka fè lavi ou pi byen (non, seryezman!), ak konbyen li koute (ki gen ladan si li nan sou vant), epi nou pral konekte ou ak ki kote ou ka achte li.

Nan, editè nou yo bay rekòmandasyon pèsonalize. Nou konnen pa gen okenn yon sèl-gwosè-adapte-tout opsyon pou yon pwodwi oswa yon sèvis. Sa depann de sa w ap chèche pou, konbyen ou vle depanse, ak anpil plis faktè. Pa rezoud pou yon pwodwi ki pa pral travay pou ou. Nou chwazi plizyè opsyon tèt-rated ki pase tès nou an, Lè sa a, nou kite li nan ou etwat li desann nan youn nan ki pi byen adapte bezwen ou yo (paske se pa tout moun vle eple sou yon nouvo televizyon 4K oswa yon nwit rete nan youn nan otèl ki pi prèt nan mond lan). Nou bay opsyon pou tout moun, se konsa kèlkeswa sa w ap chèche pou, ou ka jwenn li.

Ou ka fè konfyans ekip nou an kenbe rekòmandasyon yo kounye a. Nou ap sèlman sijere ou modèl yo pi nouvo ki reflete dènye ofrann yo nan mache a, ak yon anfaz sou pwodwi ki te pwouve enpresyone editè nou yo ak konsomatè sanble.

Eksplore Plis kontni

Medya Mansyone

Give the gift of tick prevention this Father’s Day with a bottle of Sawyer Permethrin. It’s odorless after drying and can be used to treat a variety of fabrics like clothing, gear, and tents. Just one application of this insect repellent treatment is effective against mosquitoes and ticks for 6 weeks or 6 washes.thing, boots, gear, etc.

Brodie Swisher

Medya Mansyone

I went out looking for turkeys and found ticks!

Nouvèl ki soti nan Sawyer

Medya Mansyone

Sawyer Products 20% Picaridin Insect Repellent Top-pick bug repellent

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