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10 Best Mosquito Repellents to Keep Those Pesky Bugs Away

Say bye to all that buzzing!

As soon as the weather warms up, we're rushing outside to get a taste of that summer sun—and every year, we nearly forget that swarms of mosquitoes are waiting to get a taste of us. Nothing ruins a backyard cookout, hike, or camping trip like those pesky pests. Without a proper line of defense and an arsenal of the best mosquito repellents, they might even drive you indoors. And who wants to miss out on solid time in nature?

Fortunately, experts have come up with all sorts of solutions to get rid of mosquitoes once and for all: planting dragonfly-attracting plants or other plants and herbs that repel mosquitoes, creating bug-resistant mesh pants that fit over your favorite pair of summer shorts, and of course all manner of repellents, including candles, sprays for both your body and yard, and more.

and emptying anything in your yard that holds water and could potentially host mosquito larvae. Then all that's left is to enjoy a bite-free summer!

Explore the complete list of best mosquito repellents, written by Carol Lee here.


May 10, 2024

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Sawyer has an alternative [to DEET] made with Picaridin, which works just as well without spoiling your clothes.

James Wong
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Zinzi Edmundson, the founder of Treehouse newsletter, who gardens in Maine, suggests spraying your shoes, especially (she uses Sawyer’s permethrin).

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I carry bottles of water, but I also have a Sawyer squeeze water filter. Also, if it’s cold, make sure you sleep with your water filter in your sleeping bag, so it doesn’t freeze.

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