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Father’s Day Gift Guide for Bowhunters

Father’s Day is nearly here! If you’re still shopping for the perfect gift, or have family members asking for ideas, we’ve got you covered.

From the small and simple, to big ticket items that are sure to please, we’ve got a great list of ideas that will easily hit the mark this Father’s Day.

Check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide for Bowhunters below, written by Brodie Swisher.


June 13, 2024

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Brodie Swisher

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Medya Mansyone

Sawyer has an alternative [to DEET] made with Picaridin, which works just as well without spoiling your clothes.

James Wong
Freelance Writer

Medya Mansyone

Zinzi Edmundson, the founder of Treehouse newsletter, who gardens in Maine, suggests spraying your shoes, especially (she uses Sawyer’s permethrin).

Laura Fenton

Medya Mansyone

I carry bottles of water, but I also have a Sawyer squeeze water filter. Also, if it’s cold, make sure you sleep with your water filter in your sleeping bag, so it doesn’t freeze.

Shilletha Curtis